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139 District Library in Žilina (EN)

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139 District Library in Žilina (EN)

139 – District Library in Žilina

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(Foto: 9. 9. 2018)

District Library in Žilina was established in 1924. It is the coordination, training, statistical, methodological and professional advisory centre for public libraries in the districts of Žilina and Bytča and regional libraries of the Žilina region.
In 2006, was the public library boasting the largest number of loans and visitors in Slovakia. It is the only library in the region which operates a summer reading room.
District Library in Źilina is one of the first public libraries in Slovakia, which started to build its own fund of audio books for visually impaired users, the library established the first publicly accessible Internet for the visually impaired and blind.
District Library in Žilina is one of the two public libraries in Slovakia, where the British Council in Bratislava, has established a British centre to support the teaching and studying of English and Contemporary British Literature and where is a contact point of the Industrial Property Office has been established. The library has branches in the suburb of the town. There is wheelchair access.

Text prevzatý z webovej stránky TIK Žilina (kliknite): www.tikzilina.eu.

Rozmery 906*600
Návštev 205

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