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112 Slovena (EN)

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112 Slovena (EN)

112 – Slovena (EN)

Turistická informačná tabuľka č. 112 s QR kódom na budove Sloveny
(Foto: 28. 7. 2020)

The economic development of Žilina changed significantly at the beginning of the 90’s of the 19th century, when factory industry took over a crucial role. New textile, chemical, wood-processing and other factories were established. There were railway and other bigger workshops and building companies. The first factory in Žilina called Karol Löw – a Hungarian factory producing woollen goods, military cloths and blankets – was established by the textile firm Löw a syn (Löw and son) from Brno in 1890. The wholesale industrial businessman Lőv purchased a plot with an area of 297,306 m² at River Váh from the town Žilina. He also got a benefit – if he built a factory producing cloth, the town would exempt him and all the factory employees from taxes for 15 years. The first factory in Žilina was built on a recommendation by Gabriel Baross, then Hungarian minister of industry and trade (Baross Gábor, 1848-1892), whose relief is depicted on gable of the House of Artisans... Link Slovena.

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