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16 Townhouse 18 (EN)

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16 Townhouse 18 (EN)

16 – Townhouse 18, Mariánske námestie

Turistická informačná tabuľka č. 16 s QR kódom na Meštianskom dome, Mariánske námestie č. 18
(Foto: 15. 7. 2007)

In 1779, the building belonged to Daniel David. He sold it in 1797 to the widow of Ondrej Haan for 690 florins. The house was then owned by her son Jozef. Further owners of the house were Andrej Kianička and from 1837 Anna Kováčiková. In 1850, the widow of Ján Hoffburg was still living here. From 1897 the owner of the house was the widow of Dr. Hammerschmiedt – Anna – and then her son Jozef. In the eighteenth century, the house was interesting because it had bricked-in arcades – laubne – where there was a Foto-Kino shop. When the house was renovated the laubne were opened up so they could be walked through. The dislocation committee of the Project Institute of Culture proposed that a library should be set up here, with a reading room facing the square. A bibliophiles’ club and a second-hand bookshop were also supposed to be housed in the building. They planned to install the library stock and administrative space on the first floor, and the attic space was to be turned into flats.
It is a corner house on the northern side of St Mary’s square. Its front façade faces the square, the side façade looks on to Sládkovičová and the rear on to Mydlárska street. It stands partially on the original, probably Gothic, stone cellar. In the eighteenth century, the Renaissance house was partially rebuilt and then completely rebuilt in the twentieth century. It is a two-storey building with three segments and arcades on the ground floor. It is a “máshaus” type house with a staircase and atrium in the centre of the building. On the corner of the building, in a small alcove, there is still an original stone statue of the Madonna. The basement might date from the fifteenth century, from the Gothic period, but the originally Renaissance ground floor and first floor were later completely rebuilt. The building was also added in 1963 to the Central List of Cultural Monuments under reference KP no. 1408/0. From 1999 to 2000 the house was renovated. A new roof structure was added with a saddleback roof and a gable facing the square. On the side, on Sládkovičová street there are dormer windows to give light to the attic. The renovation project was designed by the architect Vladimír Škrobian.

Source: Mgr. Jozef Moravčík, Mgr. Peter Štanský. Text prevzatý z webovej stránky TIK Žilina (kliknite): www.tikzilina.eu.

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